PO Box 357, Matlacha, FL 33933 | info@pineislandfish.org


Pine Island F.I.S.H. (Fellow Islanders Sending Help)

Are you looking for help?


The best way to reach us is with a call to our FISH line  at 239-283-4442.   When you call you will reach the FISH answering service and a FISH  volunteer who is ready to help will be in touch.  All calls are held in  strict confidence.

We offer assistance to residents of Pine Island, Matlacha, and Matlacha Isles with the following:

Non-emergency transportation

Our  volunteers will drive you to medical facilities, grocery store,  pharmacy, bank, etc. if you have no other access to transportation.

The loan of needed mobility equipment

  • Wheel chairs
  • Transport/companion chairs
  • Standard walkers, with/without 4 wheels
  • Three-wheeled walkers
  • Four-wheeled walkers
  • Crutches
  • Canes, regular and four prong
  •  “Potty” chairs
  • Toilet extenders
  • Peddle type leg/knee exercisers
  • Bed rails
  • Bath/shower stools with/without backs
  • Portable bed tables
  • Hand rails/holds that mount on bathtubs  

Special needs

We can help with emergency assistance for rent, utilities, medical bills, and the like.  


We offer relief to non-paid, primary caregivers for approximately 4 hours, once a week.  


We can keep in contact with home-bound individuals either by phone or home visits.  

We are the lead agency in the Pine Island “Basket Brigade” program

Through the Brigades we offer new outfits and shoes for children at the beginning of the school year and gifts at Christmas time.