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Pine Island F.I.S.H. (Fellow Islanders Sending Help)

We need your help


Pine Island Fish is in critical need of volunteer drivers and phone volunteers.

 If you can help with either of these critical needs, or any other volunteer opportunities described below, call the FISH Line at 239-283-4442 or complete and return the registration form above .  

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Drivers

Drivers provide non-emergency week day  transportation to medical facilities, the grocery store, pharmacy, bank,  etc. for individuals with no other access to transportation.   Volunteers can choose the day or days they would like to drive 

Phone Volunteers

Phone volunteers retrieve messages from the  FISH answering machine and arrange assistance for the requests from  callers. Telephone duty is one day each week for one month (week days  only).  

In-touch Volunteers

 In-touch  volunteers maintain regular contact with home-bound individuals, either  by phone or through home visits, depending on the clients needs, and  follows up as appropriate if he or she becomes aware of any problems  (for example, by calling a family member or service provider). 

Respite Volunteers

Respite volunteers offer relief to non-paid primary caregivers for  approximately 4 hours once a week.  The volunteer may sit with a client  or tend to general duties. 

Mobility Equipment Volunteers

Mobility equipment volunteers tend the mobility equipment lending closet, help to store items,  issue the items to clients, receive returned items and maintain  equipment.  

Special Needs Volunteers 

Special needs volunteers  help to determine the eligibility of clients for financial assistance.  Special needs volunteers serve on a standing committee, speak with  clients seeking financial assistance in person or by phone, and work  with other committee members for final determination. 

Volunteers for Special Events

Pine  Island FISH also needs volunteers for special events such as the basket  brigades for Christmas and Back-to-School, fundraisers undertaken by our  Valued Partners, and recruitment efforts. 

Learn More

More detailed descriptions of these volunteer opportunities are available and may be downloaded from the link below.